September 19, 2014

the information that follows us

Yesterday I saw a married couple talking to each other at the playground, which to me is extremely refreshing and heartwarming considering how "human interaction" is these days.

During one of the recent events that I attended, one of the speakers said that, "There is no reason why the information should not follow us," of course making reference to the convenience that our palm-sized, handheld devices provide. 

But then again, should it (information) really?

How many relations are broken because of the "information that follows us"? How many people misplace their manners when interacting with another non-virtual human being because of the "information that follows us"? And really, how many people are as lucky as the couple at the playground yesterday who actually seemed genuinely interested in real conversations... and most importantly, each other?

Believe you me, I have nothing against gadgets being used by adults, being an avid user myself. However, having seen so many occasions where one (real) person becomes a third wheel in a "love triangle" between him/her with his/her friend and another (virtual) person because of the "information that follows us" and of course having suffered the same fate myself, while also inadvertently having treated others the exact same way... all I can say is... let's learn when to ditch the "information that follows us".

Then we'd all be as lucky as the couple at the playground that I saw yesterday. 

Here's to proper human interaction and real conversations. 

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