September 05, 2014

a journey of continous self-discovery

One of our colleagues is getting married pretty soon (like tonight!) and each time she talks about it, the rest of us ladies (all married) have been scaring her off the idea and we tell her that there's still time for her to change her mind. Of course, we do it in good fun and all in jest but we do hope that she pays heed to some of the the advice we manage to slip in, in between all our jokes. 

After talking about marriage with other married women... I came to realise that all married women have something to say about it. Which begs the question of,

"Why do we get married in the first place?" 

 In this time and age, I think almost everyone who gets married does it at his/her own volition. And that means we make the decision to get married with open eyes and open arms and that we are aware of what a marriage entails. 

Only we're normally not. Not fully aware anyway.

And I say this because I think of marriage as a journey of continuous self-discovery; of what you're worth when you are half or part of something else. Sure we have strengths of our own but can those strengths work when we have to work together?

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