September 11, 2014

what dreams are made of.

The short bio read -

"Haneesa grew up thinking she would one day become a writer. Instead, she read Law, got married and is now a mom of one. She’s currently a FTWM who constantly strives for what’s best (at least in her books), and she also believes that there’s time and energy for everything, if you put your mind to it."

Oh, yes, that short bio is about me.

I did always think that I would one day become a writer. However, during one of my interview sessions to enter into one of the (now quite prestigious) semi-private schools in Malaysia some time 17 years ago (man, I'm old!), the panel was literally left speechless when I told them that that was my ambition.

Even at that age, I was pretty observant and understood body language pretty well, so I knew that by that reason alone they would not offer me a place to study there, which they didn't.

What they did do instead (after they managed to gather their thoughts and collect their jaws off the floor) was to ask me whether I knew of anyone famous in Malaysia who was also a writer. Caught off guard, I didn't answer but they had an answer for me, which was Tun Mahathir.

Realising that writing (at least back in 1998) wasn't really considered as a "career", I read Law and in 2004, I started blogging.

  After all these years of blogging, who would have thought that "someone" would notice my love for writing and thought that I was worthy of a feature, right?

So, you can imagine how proud I felt when my first ever article on parenting was published at for the whole wide world to see!

Sure, it isn't much to most, but for me... this is what dreams are made of; of perseverance and confidence that each of us are born with a special set of skills, which we should all work on and be proud of!

Plus, it's never too late because in my case, my dream only came true just about 6 months shy of my 30th birthday! Imagine having to wait 3 decades!!!

Hit this link if you're interested to read my article, and let me know what you think!

I hope that I would someday do you (and adik-adik, in sha Allah) proud.


Nina said...


Haneesa said...

Well, yes, you people better throw me a big ass party for turning 3 decades old! I expect nothing less! HAHAHAHAH

Nina said...

I'm turning 2 decades old does that mean I get a lil' sumthin' too hehehe (aka kasut but yknow baju pun welcome) :3