February 11, 2012

take the backseat, and relax

To say that our trip to Penang was perfect would be an overstatement. It wasn’t. There are actually a lot of downs, if I were to list them down properly.

But subsequent to Perth, I promised myself that I would make every trip together more worthwhile because we would never know the next time we’ll get to travel again.

Travelling doesn’t come cheap, be it locally or internationally.

When travelling internationally, we learn to see the world through rose-tinted glasses and that’s only because we’ve paid so much for our airfares, lodging, food and each time we do/buy something, we begin converting the currency. So, we think that while we’re at it, we might as well make the most out of things, even if we’re not that impressed with what the international location’s got to offer.

I find that applying the same principle (and wearing those rose-tinted glasses!) while taking a holiday locally works the same wonders too. Like I mentioned before, travelling doesn’t come cheap. Even when you stay at a hotel, which offers rooms at dirt cheap prices. So, yes. That’s basically what I consciously did on this trip. I consciously thought of how wonderful the place I am at, and kept my mind fixated on that point. Well, except of course when the negative is a lil’ too overbearing.

It’s actually really nice travelling in Malaysia because Halal and cheap food are abundant. Man, my whole Penang trip (just in case you haven’t yet noticed!) was about food! The weather was real nasty on some days, I agree, but most times, it’s bearable. I’m afraid I’d sound snobbish if I admitted this, but I used to think that Malaysia was not as nice a place to take photos at, as other international locations I’ve been to. Simply because the skies weren’t as blue and the seas weren’t as clean.

But as I grew, I’ve learnt to look past all that. I learnt that if you can’t take a pretty picture of Penang skyline, while on Bukit Bendera because it was a tad hazy, take photos of multi-coloured binoculars , since that’s such a happy sight. It’s what we focus on that makes the memories we bring home beautiful.

People always say that the grass is greener on the other side, but who said that the greener the better?

So, yes, in a nutshell, I may have enjoyed my trip, simply because I chose to. And in all honesty, I’m glad my husband and I are on the same page when it comes to making the best out of things, even when there’s so little that we can make things of.

In other words, we’ve all just got to learn to put our hair down, sometimes. Take the backseat. And relax.

Phewww. I'll be planning our next trip, now ;)

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