Bubbles’ Awesome Aunties...

...booked his Mama for a picnic at Sentul Park on 7th February 2012.

As you would have guessed, Bubbles’ Mama jumped with joy (in her head!) because the last time she went to KL PAC for Hannah’s play, she didn’t bring Theodore along and didn’t even stay long enough to take that many photos or hang out, even.

So, this time around, Bubbles’ Mama made a point to lug around the camera and take as many photos as she possibly could.

It turns out that photos were not the only things she managed to get.


I feel so loved, so blessed and so lucky to have these girls in my life! They sure did make that day a special one for me! They woke up super early to prepare food for the picnic, baked yummy brownies, got me thoughtful (and ever so practical!) gifts, drove through crazy public holiday traffic, came together despite all odds, for my sake, pushed strollers past a rainy day, played games with me, took hundreds of photos with me, gave me loads of sloppy and sweaty hugs and kisses at the end of the day and made me laugh so hard!

It was a wonderfully organised picnic; special enough to make me feel loved, casual enough to prove how much of sisters we have become over the years.

Thank you for 14 years of friendship and for all your thoughts and well-wishes!

We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! We really, really do!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


shueyshoelove said…
love the pictures!! u look absolutely glowing! oh, btw, happy belated birthday nisa! =)
Haneesa said…
hehehe. thnks dear :)
San said…
Hi! You guys picnic here just go there only or have to ask any permission first? I'd like to have a picnic here as well but takut kena halau. Hehe..thanks!
Haneesa said…
Hi, San!

I'm not too sure actually whether we had to ask permission. But I don't think so because it's actually an open park for the public :)

Masa tu, takda pulak nampak siapa-siapa yang monitor kitorang untuk halau etc :)

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