I’m currently obsessed with the topic of sleep. I don’t know why. I guess this is only normal considering the amount of DEPRIVATION I’ve had to endure this past semester. And I’m truly grateful that these last few days I have before Raya are happy days, as my firm mates seem to be in a more relaxed and cooperative mood. I’m glad issues are resolved.

CTA was great today. I never thought I was better at Cross Examination than at EIC. I always thought I’d do better with scripted questions. Apparently, I’m not at all bad at cross examining and also re-examining. And my team got to be Defence for the Mock Trial. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not so happy. I guess I’m relieved I don’t have to think of the IPs and reports and stuff like that. The most I have to think of are the 2 witnesses I need to call for the Defence case. And not to forget that last 15 hours after the Prosecution’s case, where we’ll need to prepare the Defence’s submission. I guess I don’t really like the sound of no sleep, that’s all.

Other than that, I can’t wait for this week to end. I’ve got 2 more things to submit and off to Raya I am. I still don’t have to mood to complete my Pleadings. It doesn’t give me the kind of high Criminal Trial gives me. And I have to read up my Convey, of course.

So, my aim tonight; no games, no movies, and no dilly dally. I really need to get to work. On my Pleadings, especially. And for the record, she really did surprise me a little today. Though I am not thoroughly impressed, something definitely is better than nothing at all.


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