February 11, 2011

yang berubah...

so blessed with a great view at night.


I wanted to write more about my bertandang because I loved my hairdo and make-up. But I only realised that I saved my photos to my sister-in-laws laptop and not my harddisk

So, let’s talk about something else.

At the end of every meeting or discussion or social greets and meets, people ask me,

“So, how’s married life?”

My standard answer?

“So far so good!”

Most people said that married life is supposed to be GREAT. Not just “so far so good”.

Thing is, that is my standard answer. Life has been great in many aspects. There have been ups and even downs, even though we have only been married for only like a month. Dramas? Plenty. Misunderstandings? Goes without saying. Good times? Countless. Irreplaceable. Priceless.

Last night was probably one of the best nights we had. And no, don’t get the wrong ideas. The only thing people think of come Khamis malam Jumaat is that thing. Being married is so much more than that. So much more.

For one, I now have a sister-in-law (as referred to above), which is a good thing seeing how much I love being the Kakak. But it still feels weird. I have in-laws now. Wow =.="

I have no curfews anymore.

I have a chauffer everyday now.

I have never been this excited in my life to see fish at Tesco, which, if you go at around 9+ p.m., is super cheap and super fresh.

My days are filled with my obsession to get a Panasonic washing machine priced at RM598.00

Every time I go back to TTDI, I say that I balik kampung, not go home. Home is where we’re both staying.

Every time we are in Melaka or TTDI for long periods of time, we miss home. Even though there’s scarcely anything there in the house.

People keep on asking us whether dah ada isi ke belum? Last time I checked, not yet. :)

I have never been pestered about having a house-warming party this much in my life before. Hari-hari ada orang sebut pasal house-warming. Hahahha.

And as to why last night was one of the best nights we had, it’s because we went on a couples date with our good friends Amed and Mamin. Stayed at the shop until close to midnight and on many occasions, we laughed until we felt like falling off our chairs.

There is just so much that married couples have in common. There were so many stories which we could relate to. And in the end, we’re just all so happy and relieved to be married despite our respective antics. In the end we all agree that being married is amazing. Even if we don’t say it.

Even if marriage changes us sometimes.

Tapi yang paling berubah (dan paling tak boleh blah).....

click to enlarge.

... kita orang semua minum teh tarikh sekarang.


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


dean armora said...

nak buat house warming...WAJIB tunggu i balik first k?

Haneesa said...

din: kalau i dengki mmg sah i buat je sukahati i bila-bila ;p sapa suruh tak datang wedding. merajuk sampai bila-bila. hahahah