February 28, 2011

wrong foot

I wonder.

Have you ever felt anger over so many things, you just feel like screaming your head off and then, whack that person or persons for the matter because you just can’t take it anymore?

I feel that way right now.

I feel like giving the people from JUSCO a piece of my mind. Wait. I already have and now, I just feel like giving them 2 pieces of my mind (as if I have that much to give away to begin with) because I am exhausted at their non-existent professionalism and efficiency, even their members’ day can’t make up for all their inefficiency, I feel like I’m burning inside. You just wait for my complaint email. I am not joking. Even then, I don’t think my anger would subside unless I get to literally hit someone until they pass out.

I feel like giving some people a whack on their heads because they just have to own up and stop acting dumb and stop being afraid of being wrong or stupid because acting like you are so clever is actually stupider and please, for the life of me, stop freaking whining because it ain’t pretty.

I want to concentrate on certain things. But I can’t concentrate on certain things because some people can’t make up their minds and really, don’t they have anything better to do apart from the things they are doing? Because, trust me, I have a lot of other things to do.

Imagine. I woke up on the right side of the bed (literally) and I still feel like crap and only half the day has passed.

To make matters worst, my car smells like freaking cow dung.

Just one of those days. Yes, one of those days.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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