August 16, 2009

The sentimental girl

When I am sick, I try very hard not to think about it. I am a believer in self-healing. So, I’m sorry doctors, I do not bring you alot of business. Bottom line is that I try to avoid medicine at all costs. Thus, even one Panadol tablet can bring me down, when the average adult would have needed two.

With all kinds of viruses and pandemics going round and free for all today, I decided that it would be a good idea to improve my own environment to avoid me from falling into that sickness net. God forbid, I will try everything I can not to be a statistic. After all, I needed the sweat badly.

So, today, I cleaned my room as thoroughly as I could. I really tidied the first half about half a year ago and managed to throw out so many nonsensical useless papers and today, I managed to get rid of the other half. I find it funny that I take so long to do so, considering how small my room is. You can ask anyone who has been in it and they will tell you how narrow my room is.

Thing is, I am a clean person. I have to change bedsheets and towels and I can’t even wear the same slacks/pants twice if I want to avoid a scratching spree afterward. And even a speckle of dust can send me on sneezing fits. I clean my room very often. I just don’t tidy is as often as I should.

I find that I keep silly stuff for very nonsensical reasons. All in all, I am a silly sentimental girl. I have love letters from the past, birthday cards dating all the way back to primary school, receipts from the many shopping trips in New Zealand’s Pak N Sav and also bus, train and boat tickets, which I keep amongst little pieces of paper with nonsensical scribbling.

The fact that I know those things are nonsensical beats even me. I know now how silly I am.

Just now, I thrashed my submissions from LLB(Hons), which are just drafts to the real thing, really. Even though they are of little use to me right now, I felt sad that I had to let them go. I also threw useless pieces of paper, and torn bags and loads of plastic bags, which I have been keeping for such a long time, for such mysterious reasons, even to myself.

I wonder if I am the only sentimental person around. Or am I channelling this sentimentality towards an unhealthy habit of heaping mountains of paper (and dust) for no reason at all.

I think I have to deal with this problem pronto.

Oh, I have recovered from my slight fever and runny nose. I am left with an itchy throat, Alhamdulillah. Thank god that I am not a statistic.

p.s: you are not lost. i am just bored of the last layout so i decided to do something about it. today is spring cleaning day and the day i learn not to be so sentimental about everything. including my blog! ;p

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