August 24, 2009

Hunger is a dangerous thing

... especially during sales!

Since Adik is home, we decided it would be wise to go baju raya hunting, predominantly for her, of course. Saya hanya menumpang sekaki, dengan harapan (dan muka tak malu) that I would also get baju raya. Haha.

There are abundant of choices at OU and The Curve and even at the Ikea Underpass, and they are not too bad at all. The shop called ZA Altera, if I’m not mistaken sells readymade baju kurung moden for RM 139, which I think is absolutely value for money!

The only problem is finding the right theme colour for this year for all of us, and the baju which tickles our fancy. So far, we have found none. There’s one boutique near our place called PSA Butik, and the choices there aren’t that bad either. Perhaps we will go there before Adik goes back. She gets to choose the colour this year.

However, we did get to buy other tops and whatnots since the sale is a bit crazy at the moment! I managed to get a nice t-shirt and a working shirt over the weekend. The things we do when we can’t eat. Tsk. Tsk. (and trust me, I wasn't even hungry)

Well, anyways, before you go out, be sure to wear surgical masks and bring along hand sanitizers to ensure that you don’t get infected with the deadly disease, insyaAllah.

Pesanan penaja oleh:si tudung lilit-lilit fail.
(camne nak buat kasik cantik ha? siapa ada tips supaya saya elok sikit nampak nak pegi tarawikh.)


tasha said...

ok. that kain yg dangling on ur right, either u pin it guna jarum peniti kat tepi muka, or u pull it ketat2 and bawak masuk under ur chin.

as for the kain dangling on ur left shoulder tu, pull it back sikit and u adjust la so that the front part jatuh elok je. the inside should fall nicely too. then u pin on both shoulders. hope this helps :)

freespirited12 said...

thanks for the tips! saya akan cuba :)