August 17, 2009

Sejuk membuat hidung tersumbat.

There, I finally went to the Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya this morning. 2 important people in my life have been bugging me and I could not take it anymore. So, I took a time out slip, and went to get a check up. My temperature is 36.2 degrees Celsius; I would hardly call that any temperature at all.

But I have a terrible cough and my nose clogs when I am cold. I have 4 different types of medicine sitting idly on my table. This is something I am not really used to. But I’ll live through it, this time.

I do not like hospitals. We do not have any chemistry because hospitals are too depressing to me.

I am cold right now, and feel drowsy though I have not taken any of the meds.
I am afraid I have exposed myself unnecessarily when I went to the Klinik just now, but I am praying hard that it has not rubbed in on me. Amin.

I am just thankful that I managed to taste every bit of my sponsored nasi ayam just now. Sekarang rasa nak tidur please. I’ll be gone the moment someone shoves a pillow under my head. 5 o’clock, come quick.

*i miss taking photos seriously. yet, i have seriously run out of inspiration.*

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