August 16, 2009

the girl with the dragon tattoo.

My delay is both due to my indiscipline and discipline all at once. The fact that the book is thick and has like the finest print ever does not make it any less appealing. And yet, bedtimes must be followed, even for adults. That is of course, unless you are willing to wake up with panda eyes and a runny nose the following morning.

One thing I can confirm, though, is that the first chapter would make you want to read more of the book. It has been so cleverly drafted so that part of the ending is revealed without actually revealing the entire story all at once. At some point, you might even feel the hairs on your neck stand. Yes, this is how the story affected me at least.

There are 2 main characters in this story; Lisbeth and Mikael; and you would have to be patient to find out the point at which they would be connected. Lisbeth is the shady character, whom you at first would doubt and Mikael is the clean cut figure in this story. You would wonder how on earth they got along, but they would. And I’ll tell you now that the wait is worth it. The language used is simple and it does not confuse you to the point that you would want to shelve it away forever.

But then, there are some parts where you would want to pause and put the book down for a while so that you can think a second or more like get a little breather to ponder and imagine the scenarios put forth by the author.

Plus, there are some parts where you would have to pause to get the names right because this story involves too many characters. You would wonder whether it was Birger or Berger or whether you were making up a Burger because you are hungry. I guess this is the only setback in the book; the vast amount of characters whom are all connected to each other in a twisted way. The author did try to map it out for us, but I'd have to say that the attempt was a feeble (and unsuccessful one at that).

This book is actually a great insight into the lives of those rich people/aristocrats whom we always think lead fairytale lives. Far from it, there are many feuds and family secrets, some of which are sickeningly sick, some so grossly that you wouldn’t have imagined it being done by someone of such stature. And don’t even start about the competition they get, not only from their rivals but also from within the family itself.

It is also a great insight into the magnanimous amount of violence against women, which go unheard of due to ignorance in the society. Amazing how many women go down in history as statistics of horrendous and grizzly crimes.

I would love to elaborate more, but it would spoil the fun in your reading (especially Tasha since she wants to buy it), so I highly recommend you to grab this off the shelves and start flipping those pages, pronto! At some point, you will wonder when the book will end because you will reach that part where it looks like it’s going to end, yet there are so many pages to go before the end of the book comes.

The ending would be something you least expected.

And the cultures, secrets and distorted lives these people in the book lead would make you gape in awe for a long, long time.

Oh, by the way, this is actually a translation of the real works. The original works was Swedish. The translation is excellent though!

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