August 31, 2009

age wearing.

Though my wardrobe (and my brother’s as well) is overflowing with my clothes, I have come to notice a few things.

those clothes are work clothes; and
those which are not, are a tad bit
juvenile for my age

I’ve never really seriously thought of my wardrobe before. When people say that what you wear depicts your style and personality, I wear whatever I want where I want. That is until I noticed how “kiddish” my wardrobe is becoming.

I’m starting to think that I need a change of style. Suddenly I feel like going out in just jeans and tees all the time is... insufficient? Like, I could do better because it would be nice to look nicer than I look now?

I’ve developed the habit of wearing something with height when I go out. Simply because wearing flats are making me feel lesser than the age I am, which makes me less confident? I can’t believe I actually want to look my age. The last thing I should be thinking about is looking it. Tsk.

I don’t know why I have such a fit figuring out what to wear when I go out now, when I used to be the last person to care too much about what I put on my back. Mostly, I just want to feel comfortable in my skin.

So, today, I was told that at the point of life that I am at, dresses suit me best. It’s a cross between young and matured. Somehow, I think that it is true because dresses give me the young feminine confidence without compromising my maturity. Does that even make sense at all?

I don’t really care if it doesn’t, but now, I am on a mission to find dresses which can be paired with leggings of all sorts. If only I was bolder to flaunt the oh-so-colourful leggings. Unfortunate for me, I am not. So, I’ll just have to make do with pairing dresses with black leggings, at least for now.

Up next would be learning which accessories go well with which outfit. I think it’s high time I give my outfit a little jazz, especially on those days I wear my jeans and tees only.

And anyway, I think it wouldn’t hurt learning a bit more about styling, even if I decide not to practice much of what I learn.

Presenting to you, my first outfit post. Teehee. (malu pulak)

wearing: top: Nichii, inner: TZ, leggings: unbranded, wedges: Vincci, handbag: Jonker Street, Melaka, permanent accessories: watch by esprit and necklace and pendant from Jonker and Ziziano Silver.

And the little treasure I managed to bag at Nichii this afternoon.

Hopefully, I will finally find a style which will make me feel better, soon. And better still, I hope this phase passes by QUICKLY!

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