October 02, 2009

Open house

Today, my office held the Hari Raya open house. It is about the smartest thing they’ve done so far on a Friday, seeing how unfocused everyone can get.

I went down just now to grab some grub, and the food was actually great! That’s as compared to last year, that is.

I heard that it used to be a lot more extravagant that this, but who am I to complain.

We just received an email about ‘penyalahgunaan social networks online for tujuan peribadi.’

Thing is, if there’s nothing better to do, why would I NOT want to go online for social networking?

Anyways, I should really watch my back, just in case they are monitoring our computers.

Off to Seremban today for Adik's solat hajat.

I just got some work, which makes my stomach churn.

Tsk. Takut :(

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