July 30, 2010

you know it's time.

For your time of the month, of course. 

What are your "periodic" symptoms? 

Mine are easy, real easy. I either want spicy food or sweet food. And during months where I do zilch exercise, my period pains are really a pain in the a*S no joke. Other than that, my tummy bloats for a while and during that time, I entertain myself to whatever I feel like eating because there's a valid reason for my tummy to grow so big. I'm having my menses, thank you.

But whatever the case may be, when it's (nearing) the time of the month or during the time itself, my symptoms always involve food. Mengalahkan orang mengandung.

Last month was savoury month. I wanted mushroom soup, of all things. And it's not any mushroom soup I want need. Not the one at Pizza Hut or the one out of the can, thank you. I needed the real mushroom soup. I didn't get it, though because I was too busy, but at that point, any icky mushroom soup would do, I thought.

This month, it's both sweet and savoury food that I want. The drink stall downstairs sells the meanest, most sedap air asam boi I know. Do you know that drink? That "calamansi" (so gedik but this is what they call limau in the menu) with asam boi drink. Simply wonderful, especially if served chilled. Oh, yum. The other "must buy" item is Soft Cookies at Amos, anything dark chocolate and coffee flavoured.

And the savoury taste I want need for this month is - cheese. I cannot go without the Moza cheesesticks from Burger King. Oh. My. God. So heavenly, especially if served piping hot. And did you know how delicious that simple cold chicken cheese sandwich from Cold Storage tastes?

Trust me, as I am writing this, I am not even remotely close to hungry. It's only 11.30 a.m., for crying out loud.

But you have no idea how terrible my craving for cheese is at this moment, I can't stop looking at the clock.

Where can I get decent tasting baked rice in Putrajaya?

Or anything cheesy would do, really. Oh, Moza cheesesticks, here I come! Oh. nyum.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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