July 05, 2010


That’s an Australian phone number, just in case you’re wondering. You can try calling it now, but I doubt you’d get any response because well, that person is no longer using the phone number.

Remember I told you I went out with 2 other guys before? Well, this one was one of the better ones. The other one… I can’t quite find a reason why I went out with him to begin with, other than the fact that I was naïve and it was super cool to have a boyfriend after school.

Anyways, once upon a time ago in my life, any other calls from numbers other than 0061415465390 would not be entertained. Seriously, for the brief (10-month) period of time I was with 0061415465390, I was such a bad friend. Even when I was no longer with 0061415465390, I refused to talk to anyone. To me, every guy is the same so, what’s the point. Right?

So, it’s no surprise when someone called me when he was in town, I totally ignored it and even went to the extent of switching my phone off. I didn’t like to talk to strangers (not that he was one), and most importantly, I didn’t WANT to be disturbed. To me, anyone (apart from my mom and close friends) was a nuisance. An extra burden I didn’t want to carry with me. That someone was not spared from the wrath.

But he kept on trying.

p.s: I know, sakit hati sikit because this is not a story at all ;p

[to be continued…]

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