July 08, 2010

it's time for Africa.

The closest thing to football that I understand is futsal. And that's the only form of football that I will actually be interested in. And no, I haven't been caught up with football matches although it's World Cup Season like you lot. I haven't even joined futsal sessions for quite some time. But these are some things that I simply cannot not comment on. Cannot resist.

It's Time For Africa

Must be one of the, if not the most catchy song, EVER! Even non-football fans feel like dancing to Waka Waka.


I don't have any particular team which I support. But after watching Germany play, I went like "WOW". They're really good, I tell you! Suits the name "young and furious" that they were labelled with. I think they strategized well by putting the best young ones forward, since WC is obviously one of the places where big clubs scout for new players. And the young ones have so much to prove and obviously, they went all out to prove their worth.


Which is why, when the time came for the Germany vs. Spain match, I was very much interested. Well, at least I'm interested in the scores even if I don't make the effort to actually sacrifice my sleep to watch the match. What interested me the most is the prediction by Paul, the Octopus, which I find totally and completely hilarious (not to mention absurd). And he predicted that Spain would win. And well, what can I say. His predictions have been 100% accurate so far.  Tsk.

So, fine. Go on Spain fans. You can gloat now.

As for Paul, keep up the good work. Can you tell me something I want to know? ;) I'll belanja you some fish. Oh, wait. What do octopus eat again? 

credits to Google.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


alia hafiza said...

kakak,i think paul makes a lot of people craving for a those octopus dishes today..hahahaha

freespirited12 said...

itulah sebenarnya dia nampak agak sedap jugak. mungkin germany fans je la tak kuasa nak makan sbb anti paul. haha

alia hafiza said...

u're wrong kakak!germany fans yg rmai nk mkn octopus.i found it on my fb.hahaha..the best part,ade my friend ni ckp,if germany menang smlm,die nk blanje mkn sotong goreng tepung!it shows that betapa xpuas hati die ng paul..hahaha

freespirited12 said...