December 18, 2015

the "apple".

Since I reinstalled the FB app on my phone, I've been getting numerous memory reminders on a daily basis -- which I consider both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

And today, one of the memories was exactly that -- a good and sad memory at the same time. 

Sad, considering the current ongoings involving changes in our organisation, which shall not be told so publicly. And good because back then, we really did find amusement in the simplest, silliest things -- which in this case was the "apple".

Those memories date back to so many years ago -- 6 years to be exact and though I have obviously moved on with life, got myself some equally good new friends and only occasionally keep in touch with those whom I've had (real good) memories with, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic. 

Truth is, a huge part of me misses being able to be so carefree about everything, including blogging -- without the underlying fear of hurting, annoying or offending anyone unnecessarily. Oh, and also without the fear of having someone or anyone maliciously screenshot my words/pictures to be twisted to their own advantage as as when they please. 

I don't know what's become of the online scene these days, but I find myself annoyed (probably unnecessarily too, let's blame the hormones for this) with how people think they know so much of other people, just by being their "friend" online, when in actual fact -- they don't. 

Which is probably one the biggest reasons why there's more than 10+ pending "follower" requests on my IG, which have been left "unnoticed". Not that I'm such a big shot, no. But I sometimes question the motive of those who "follow" people who they don't even say hi to when face to face. I'm probably guilty of this too, but trust me, I am trying to not "follow" so many "acquaintances" these days, because tak tahu lah apa pekdahnya kepada diri sendiri.

Having said that, I really do miss those times when we could joke about 3 apples having a threesome -- without anyone taking any offence or telling us that we are perempuan sesat yang akan masuk neraka.

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