December 17, 2015

the reset button.

Yesterday, FB's memories brought me back to a memory from 2 years ago --

"Heaven favours the strong and the just."

And I have been cracking my head eversince, just trying to remember what it was that happened a couple of years ago, which warranted such a statement.

I still can't remember but I suspect that it had to do with one of the major changes we've had to go through in our lives. 

Here's the thing -- every New Year seems to bring with it not only a whole new year, but also a reset button for our personal lives too. 

And though most of the time I am well armed and ready for what ever that may come my way (as the case is this time around), this particular reset button brings with it a different kind of feel

The closer we get to the day -- the more real it gets -- and the more emotional I become just thinking about the eventualities, the possibilities, the loneliness and the empty other side of everything

So some days, I allow myself to break down into a puddle of tears each time I think of the inevitability of having to press the reset button. Yes, heaven favours the strong... but surely there in strength in my softness?

3 more days to go. 


To the reset button we shall go.

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