September 23, 2010


100 hari saja lagi.

Tak sangka kan? Pejam celik, pejam celik, 100 hari. Wow.

So, disebabkan hari ini tinggal 100 hari, mood lain macam punya baik.

Mister: Lunch?
Me: Okay, jum.
Mister: Warisan?
Me: Okay, jum.

Sampai kat Warisan, terus serbu laici kang. Lepas tu, serbu bihun sup.

Uuuu. Berapa bulan tak makan bihun sup.

The whole time kami di sana, entah berapa kali Mister tanya, “What’s up in the office?

Me: Nothing. *slurp sup*

Tapi Mister agak kental. Lepas beberapa minit tanya lagi, “Apa gossip harini?

Me: Hmmm… nothing. Buat kerja je *slurp sup lagi sambil lap hingus*

Then dia cerita pasal office dia.

Me: Mintak air sikit. *slurp laici kang pulak*
Me: Can I get another one?
Mister: No.
Me: But why?
Mister: Too much sugar.
Me: But I want.
Mister: No. I said no, Hanisa. You never listen to me.
Me: Okay fine. *lap hingus lagi. pedas sangat*

Mister said I was allowed to get something from the kedai-kedai lain dekat situ, just not laici kang.

Guess what I chose?


Laici kang tak dapat. Laici pun jadi lah.


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


ZARA said...

Mister: No. I said no, Hanisa. You never listen to me.

same like what my mister always says to me... huahahaha

anyway.... my wedding mood is switched off until next week. assignments and mid term exams. sigh.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

"You never listen to me"

I guess guys just love saying this phrase over and over again.

"Why can't you listen to me?"

"You should listen to me"

Yada yada yada.

Haneesa said...

zara & TSS: OMG, sama je semua. hahahahahah funny

Haneesa said...

zara: by the way, good luck with exams! :)

zhmt said...

lol, kak ure very cheeky and determined!

abduls said...

TSS - u got a problem with that? then dont get married.

Haneesa said...

lynn: hahahha. he was very confident that i would choose mineral water saja from the kedai kedai. tu yang paling best.

abduls: chill :)