September 22, 2010

Bottom of the food chain

My work stress threshold is high – very high. I nag about work and whine about how much there is to do in a day, but my face and actions don’t at all reflect my stress. Far from it, when I’m really, really stressed up, you’ll see me smiling. And that’s when I’m working the hardest.

I’d be smiling so much, so much so that each time I tell you I am stressed, you’d think I’m a liar. And I don’t blame you.

But yesterday. Despite the wide smile plastered to my face, I really, really was stressed up. Perhaps that's why my smile was so freakishly wide?

It didn’t begin a good day, and it didn’t end off any better. I remained smiling only because there was a good reason to it. Which I shall not disclose. Yet.

Anyways, compared to the whole clan whose been working for the past ½ century or so, I’m relatively new in the working scene. So, that still makes me one of those who are at the bottom of the food chain. Not surprising, being at the bottom of the food chain ensures you a spot where you’re expected to do the following:

  • do preliminary research of an issue you’ve never even heard of
  • don’t find anything substantially or remotely relevant to your research
  • get tangled up in court judgments which are long winded and have no absolute conclusion
  • write preliminary opinions
  • get half of your opinion either slashed or covered in red ink pen even before you could explain yourself
  • bear with the ten thousand amendments people make because they just can’t make up their mind
  • wait for decisions and get clients calling you asking about "Status". 
  • being responsible for things which you have absolutely no control of
  • deal with people who can use MSWord, but seem incompetent where MSWord 2007 is concerned, hence leaving you with the massive editing work
  • become the runner when the office boy goes back –he gets an OT when he stays back, you stay back because that is what’s expected out of you
  • get your holidays slashed while everyone else gets to go on leave
  • ask for instructions and wait for further instructions, only to realise much too late that the other person forgot his/her instruction, leaving you waiting like a fool in the office
  • go home to tell mommy and mommy tells you to “be patient(???)”
  • get paid the least but works most like THE dog
  • oh, and add “be the most patient person in the world who can never be stressed up about work ever” to the list

… and you really don’t want me to list it all, trust me.

Yesterday, in short, was the day I decided that I need to take leave in the nearest time. It’s been too long (wayy too long) and I’m beginning to get agitated with everything and everyone I look at.

Funny feeling all this because I actually like my job.

And oh, I think I deserve a huge bonus too. But that’s of course, not my call.

AND, I think I deserve to be stressed out. Enough of patience.

Now that this is off my chest, I feel so much better.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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