September 14, 2010

benda baru!

I am actually in dire, dire need to spend. Phew. Do you know what that feeling feels like? Like you have to have something, no matter what? Thing is, my mom sort of made this “new rule” which states:

“Each time you girls buy something new, you’ve got to get rid of 2 pieces of clothing from your cupboard”

(yes, even though I am working and I use my own money to buy my things, she still makes rules like these for me)

And seriously, Mama seriously thought that that’s a difficult rule she just made. Difficult? Are you kidding me?

I’ve got a little sister at home and like a gazillion of cute, girlie cousins, all almost of the same size (apart from 2 maybe, but even then, I can give them my baju tidur), so that’s really no problem for me.

New (secondhand) clothes, girls? Anyone? Anyone? ;p

But the problem right now is that I’m not in dire need of new clothes. I’ve been spending so much time at work that no one wants to ask me out anymore. I even go out after work in work clothes (habis tu apa lagi ye tak?), even for mini dates. So, yes. I have become boring like that and the need for clothes for going out is now obsolete T_T"

Okay, okay, enough of self pity.

What I need right now is a gadget. And no, it’s not for Theodore. Since Uncle Z has so kindly agreed to lend me his Wide Angle for my honeymoon, which TChal seems to think unnecessary because she thinks we wouldn’t be taking that many photos during our honeymoon anyways. Hmmm ;).

(Na, I know you will read this somehow and you will find a smile creeping up your face because your Mummy is just as funny as mine HAHAH.)

I really, really want, I mean NEED a new phone!

I’ve been using the same phone since 2006, believe it or not and there is really nothing wrong with my current phone. My phone means a lot to me for what phones were originally made for – calling and texting. So, yes, I need a phone which can serve its original function, but in a much modern shape and size. But even then, that’s not the reason why I need a new phone.

One of the major issues I have with it is its inability to receive messages with more than 160 characters or so. It’s such a challenge because most people have upgraded their gadgets and when they send messages, it’s as if they are micro blogging. And I always miss out on the last part of the message because my phone was not made for really long texts. And believe it or not, sometimes, the last part of the message is the most important.

Then, I have to go through the hassle of texting the other person, telling them that the last part of their message went missing!


Lynn messaged me sometime before Raya about some wedding stuff and finally to wish me Hari Raya. Then the last part of the message goes:

“P/S: sa….” *text missing*

Like WHAT???

It could be a million things that Lynn wanted to say to me, and in my head, it was along these lines:

“P/S: Saya pregnant, Kakak”

I almost gambled to reply, “Congratulations, Sayang”.

But luckily I had the urge to clarify.

Turns out that she only said:

“P/S: Save some raya cookies for me will you?”

See, see what I mean now?

I need a new phone!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


ieja said...

kakak you're so funny! :)
btw go get Blackberry phones la, it worths the money. Or if you have some extra cash, go for iPhone (since the price is going down for the newcoming iPhone4)

but I recommend Blackberry lah :)
boleh fully utilize, even you can blog on the go! and I have more posts to read on. Yayyers :)

Haneesa said...

hehehe. seriously ieja. macam sangat frust when ppl send me long messages and i have to guess the last few sentences.

i have been aiming, tapi tapi tapi. mungkin kawen dulu lepas ni saya beli ;p

best jgk dapat update on the go hehehehe

zhmt said...

hahahhahahaha kakakkkkk! ure soo funny ! again, i lol in my cubic today. oh before i forget, futsal next week 8-10. pls make urself free okay sweetie !


p/s; kalau saya pregnant saya akan bgtau kakak dulu !

Haneesa said...

muahahahahahahaha. but that was seriously what i thought the last part of the message was!

make sure tau tau tau kasiktau saya :)