September 18, 2010


If you are the eldest child or more specifically, the eldest girl, I think you would be able to relate to this story. Not all of you would maybe, but perhaps 70% could, I think?

This is a story about the first girl.

Girls – Most people I know wished that their first child is a girl. I know that’s a bit demanding, seeing that we should all be grateful with whichever child Allah grants us, but yes, the fact remains that a lot of people will go on and on trying for a girl.

My mom once told an aunty of mine, “Try and get a girl. When you grow older, you will see why”. I grew older and now, I also understand why, although I don’t have any children of my own yet. Girls will always be girls, that is why. A guy can never be a girl, no matter how thoughtful he can get. It’s just not the same.

But, since girls are loved and adored that much, there are also some expectations from the people around her of the kind of person she needs to (read: MUST) be. So, being the first girl, the expectations are at least threefold, if not more.

First Girls never get away with...

  • Talking back
  • Being too adverse about something
  • Being judgemental
  • Making decisions without prior consultation
  • Not asking for permission
  • Not helping out with house chores
  • Going out too often with friends, while leaving other siblings at home
  • Not joining family gatherings

... to name a few.

Sometimes, they can’t even get away with not carrying on with a habit.

I love to wear my dad’s slippers when I'm stepping out of the house for a while. His feet, for obvious reasons, are many sizes more than mine. Once, he asked me to close the gate while he waited on. I wore my own slippers. The next thing I know, he was asking me;

Akak dah tak suka pakai selipar Ba dah ye?

I just gave him a little smile and told him, “Dah rasmi dah semalam” (it was a new pair of slippers)

So, you see, being a girl is tremendous. I love being a girl. Being a girl is always special. Being the first makes us 10 times more special. But, I’ve got to say, it’s never easy ;)

Don’t think it was ever meant to be ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


dira said...

eldest girl yes. i can totally relate, though i'm the 2nd child. eldest boy gets away with everything, i swear.

ZARA said...

im the eldest ;) im a girl... though it sucks at first especially

1. when u r not allowed to date boys until u r 18,

2. when u r 18, ur parents hates most of ur boyfriend,

3. u r 21 but u cannot get married cause ur dad thinks u r still his 'little girl',

4. ur younger sisters are all damn prettier than u =(

however, it all make sense when u r 23-25 or older =) i love being the eldest girl.

tmc said...

love love love being the eldest and only girl!hee

sooo love this entry kakak!:D:D:D

Haneesa said...

dira: yeap, that's why i said the first girl. first girls never quite get away with ANYTHING. haih.

Zara: 1 - 3 i can totally relate to. but i kind of have to agree with you about eventually loving being the eldest girl though ;) sometimes, (walaupun sometimes), i does work to our benefit.

timmc: hehehhe it can go 2 ways, being the only girl, no? but apapapun, i really like being a girl. don't really mind being the first, now that i know and have acknowledged what being the first girl entails hahaha :)