September 22, 2010

Bite size.

Kids, that is.

Don’t you just think that they are the “bite size” of human beings? So gigitable. With those balloon cheeks, lovely smell and droopy eyes, your heart is sure to melt.

Thing is, I’m not much of a kid person. I don’t hate them, no. In fact, I love to stare at or ask to hold other people’s babies though I’m a bit terrified of “breaking” a newborn. However, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamt of being a mum. *shy*

But kids, as in babies, just seem to not “want” me when I go gugu gaga over them. Example: Lea, my friends’ daughter. I fawn over her for being the princess that she is, yet, when I hold my hands out to her, offering to take her off her mummy’s or daddy’s arms, she turns away.

On the rare occasions where I actually get her to come to me, she realizes much too soon that I’m not her mummy and starts crying.

I actually have my own theory about why all this is happening. I believe that I am not anatomically comfortable enough for kids. I’m a lot of skin and bones and at some spots, I’m just a little challenged. I’ve come to accept that fact with grace.

But that still doesn’t stop me from being upset when babies turn me down. *Feels so dejected!*

This little boy’s a bit of an exception though. He wanted me and didn’t mind when I fawned over him. So baik. But then again, he didn’t mind strangers at all as long as he was carried and cuddled. So, I know I’m not that special, though this is quite a good start. Better than nothing, right?

But, on the brightside of things, most people tell me that I chose the right guy.

They all want him. Even Lea asked him to pick her up. Agak jealous di situ, but I’m taking baby steps with this whole baby thing.

Hopefully, when my own time comes, baby won’t love her dad too much. Penat mak kau meneran tahu tak? Macam pernah je pulak ;p

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Fai said...

sungguh cute baby itu... yes, both of them..

Haneesa said...

kan fai kan. too comel. i love taking baby shots because their faces change every day. we better love them while they're still "angels" like this.

Wait 'til Shaq asks you something like, "Uncle Fai, why is this thing round?" and you have no answer. Baru kau tahu. ahahahah