February 01, 2010


Funny how a sunny day can be marred with such bleak moods. Today was emotional despite the splendid sunshine. Funny. Ironic. But true.

So, we said our goodbyes. Indefinitely. Because we just don't know now, do we? Who really, actually knows, pray tell me? And if you don't really know what I'm talking about, probably you could comb through my posts and pick on the hints I have dropped. And I know that I will be crying for quite a while, but... I know that I'll be better. In time, I will.

But it was also good to go down memory lane today. It was good that someone was kind enough to "drag" me to Shah Alam for a good meal at Pak Li; the place I frequented as a student. It was good to sit out in the sun, sharing a plate of Fried Kuey Teow. It was good to fight over whose drink was better. It was good to have a good conversation because we are such good friends above it all.

It was a good ending to a bleak day.

I do need to sleep, though. Just to keep my tears away.

Tomorrow is a long day. This week is equally long. But I can't wait to turn 25. Make me happy ;)

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