February 12, 2010

a quarter.

I was thinking earlier of how much FB affects our lives. I thought I knew how much, but apparently, it is a lot, lot more than I thought. 

There are many reasons why we log on to FB. Some people find pleasure in uploading photos after photos of themselves and their daily activities. Some people love to tweet on FB. Some people spam other people's walls with nonsensical posts. Some check on their partners. Some flirt with other people's partners ehemm (walaupun dah banyak kali dinyatakan bahawa saya sakit hati) oops. And some others (like myself) are onlookers who like to stay  on the outside looking in.

Considering the huge role that FB plays in our lives, it's really no wonder that most people can't function without it. For whatever reason it serves them. Because for people like me, one other huge role FB plays is to remind me of anniversaries, events and last but never least - birthdays. I normally can't really remember on my own.

And considering how terrible of a friend I have been of late (that I have been so engrosed with my own life), I'm really surprised that some people remembered even without the aid of FB. Thank you for remembering me. Thank you for all the sweet and thoughtful wishes and prayers for me. I received phonecalls and messages from friends whom I have not heard of in eons! I'm so, so touched that they remembered me today and wished me well, despite my incessant silence and disappearence.

I know now that no matter what happens, there will be at least 2 handfuls of people who will genuinely be happy for my happiness and well-being.

It's amazing to be 25! Alhamdulillah. I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to stay on this earth. To receive sweet revelations and to seek repentence. I am grateful for people around me who love me - simply because of who I am, and not for who I try to be. I'm thankful for people who don't hate me for who I am not.

It's an amazing feeling. 

(though I've got a feeling that Mama totally and completely forgot. she didn't mention anything AT ALL on the way to work today! which is sooo not her! she's really bogged down with work. sedih gila.)

Thank you to Abdul, for being the first to wish me. For sleeping past your bedtime last night just so you could sing me a "Happy Birthday" song, only to be greeted with a groggy girl from the other side of the line (yes, I slept at 930 p.m.).

 And thank you, thank you and you. All for having super sweet and kind thoughts for me. 

Okay, I feel like crying.

It's been a wonderful day! :') And I've had a wonderful life, and rejoicing!

p.s: Babah just messaged me. So comel!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Hanisa ! :)

freespirited12 said...

thanks melissa! take good care :)