February 14, 2010

party of ten.

I just got back from OU with my sister. It's awfully quiet there and most shops are closed. It was nice but not so nice. You get what I mean? Now is supposedly the best time to shop because congestion is unheard of. But, there's really no point in no congestion if there are no shops to head to.

But anyways. We got most of the things we wanted to get. We gobbled on Onigiri and Tako Tao while we were walking because we were so hungry. Came back and ate more dinner. Tsk, jika keadaan begini berterusan, saya akan naik berat badan. Aiseh.

Anyways, do you cook well? I don't. I bake well though. And I know that baking is a tiny little part of cooking in general, but it's apparently not quite enough, right? I like things which have clear cut recipes to follow. Those which will turn out good so long as you religiously follow through with the instructions.

Which is why I don't cook well. It's always about playing by ear. Which irritates me because I want things to be exactly this and that way. But I am trying though. I am trying very hard cook proper dishes (yang berkuah that is).

Sometimes, I think our dishes (Malay) have too much oil. We deep fry everything. We tumis everything. Every time I wash the dishes, the amount of oil I need to scrape off the pans and plates is just too much.

So, for lunch today, I decided to give my parents and sister a little treat. Some sort of like a Japanese stint. Okay, so maybe only my mom and I really enjoyed it, but yeah, it was nice to try something different.


Haih. Tomorrow we will be hosting a party of ten. This is the second time we're having a (rather) large group over when we are a maidless society. The last time was for a Raya Do. Tak apa lah. Wish me luck! Sure can one ;)

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