February 24, 2010


While I was writing that previous post last night, I made mental notes about what I should and should not do before today came. Since last weekend was kind of hectic, the need for a good dose of sleep this week is more than ever. For 2 days in a row now, I tripped getting out of bed because so many things were on the floor. I only ironed my shirt before going to work in the morning and packed my bags as I was descending the stairs. Not a good way to start your morning, I know.

So, I made a mental list:

  • must clear windowseat of all folded clothes. put them in cupboard to make way for newly folded clothes;
  • must hang work clothes for tomorrow where i can see them so that i can iron them tonight;
  • must pack handbag because finding handphone and all else is now a great hassle. (notice that i hardly leave my handphone at home lately? i worked out a system! *pats myself on back*);
  • must pack futsal bag. *ok checked*. this is the only thing i did immediately after i thought of it;
  • must isi botol air with Rx-Water now, not in the morning;
  • must not snooze alarm more than twice tomorrow morning because that makes you groggy (i managed to do this!)*pats myself on back again*; AND
  • must not stay online for too long (which i failed MISERABLY!);

But, this morning started off considerably better than the past 2 days. Probably that's because I didn't snooze so many times. And probably also because I managed to get something out of the cupboard which needs nada ironing. And since I didn't have to send my mom this morning, I didn't need to rush that much after feeding the cat, etc., I really thought that I didn't do so badly after all this morning.

But, the first conversation I had this morning as I reached the office goes as follows:

"KChik, tell me you've got an extra pair of shoes in the car?"


"Iyeay!!!!!! I'll see you later!"

Thank God we all grew up in the same place so we more or less own everything in the same size. Must be the nasik kawah.

So, kesimpulannya, lain kali dengar lah nasihat diri sendiri dan pack semua benda the night before. Better still, never ever take your shoes out of your car. After all, apa guna boot besar-besar,ye dak ;)

See yah tonight girlies!


yayahafiza said...

hahaha... nasi kawah ye kakak??
i like that part~

c ya tonite~

freespirited12 said...

hhaha. yes, i think it must've been the nasik kawah. if not why else kite semua satu saiz je smua. hahahah