February 08, 2010

on top of the world!

(well, sort of anyways)

On Saturday night, I had one more page to work on. JUST.ONE.MORE. But I was dragging my butt because my creative juices were running low! Aiseh. But, I managed to get it done, though I know that it could have been better if I had more time and creativity. Obviously, that night, I slept pretty late, tossing and turning, thinking whether or not I had left anything (or anyone) out. Imagine how exhausting not being able to sleep can be!

Lucky for me, my mom woke me up at 8.00 the next morning, or else I wouldn't have been ready by the time the girls came over to pick me up.

We went in 2 cars because... because Mamita said she needed to... ehemm. Okay, shall not disclose this part. We shall not spoil a good day. Hehhehe.

Anyways, when we arrived at KLCC, Bride-to-Be and Nadnad were not there yet. We were wondering where Batss was but was told later that she would be running late. Aaaa. Panic. Panic. Because Batss had to pass something to Nadnad and we needed it badly.

So, it was only the 5 of us at first. Off to Aquaria we went. B-2-B didn't know any of this of course, but Aquaria isn't easy to miss. Plus, when Mamita asked for our MyKads, it was obvious where we were heading to. Come to think of it, we should've blindfolded you to give extra effect you know. Hmmm. Much too late for that now. Hehe.


Anyways, Aquaria is very pretty but we couldn't take that many photos due to "no-flash" policy. I was sooo frustrated because even Theodore didn't manage to make me proud. But we did have fun, though. I didn't know that Piranhas are cute. Seriously, with the round-shape mouth and everything, them being super carnivores would've been my last suspicion. We missed the Piranha feeding session but made it in time for the other feeding session at the huge tank. Seriously, macam budak-budak sekolah okay, sitting crossed-legged on the floor, waiting and waiting for the divers to feed the fish (while munching and munching on pretzels nyum). It was somewhat amazing (to me at least)!

Jaja got soo annoyed with Bob the grouper because he was such a big fat show-off. Tapi tak baik marah dengan ikan okay. Dia bukan pandai pon. Hehehe. But he was a bit too much a show-off, I must admit. Aku goreng baru tau. Dapat makan masa Chinese New Year. Hheheheheh.

Next, we headed for a fish spa therapy at Aquazone. That was my first time because I missed the last Bachelorette. Come to think of it, this is the first time I ever attended a Bachelorette. Hehe. I'm not particularly ticklish, but these fish can really give you shivers. Geliiii just thinking of it! Haha.

I managed to finally put my leg in and Mamita succeeded as well this time around.

And I present to you. Nadnad the cheater, who, even after so much persuasion, did not tahan the geli. Rugi, rugi ;)

After Aquaria, Nadnad had to leave "to pick hubby up at the airport" and Batss joined us for our next activity. The lift was super congested at that time and we had to rush, so we took loads of escalators (even I didn't know which way we had to go though I knew our next destination). Mamita took the lead. We were heading towards Rasa, and I know that Jaja thought we were going to have lunch there. Kesian. Heheheh. But just before we reached Rasa, we turned right into The Nail Parlour! Aaahahahahah. She admitted that she was tricked into thinking that we were going to eat. TETTT. Salah. So salah.

I'm glad that Jaja liked the whole session since she was thinking of doing it herself this weekend. Bagus, we went 2 steps ahead of you :)

During the mani-padi session, there were many times when our secret was almost given away. I had to message the girls (who were getting their manicure done) outside that they were too loud! Too loud! Hahah. After the mani-padi session was the most difficult part, actually. I was getting messages from the "other side" telling us to stall. Buy time. Kill time. Do whatever.

So, we sat at Rasa eating Famous Amos (Adlin nasib kamu bawak tahu tak!) and laughing and gossipping over drinks. By that time, we were apologising profusely to Jaja, telling her that we were running low on funds, plus most of us couldn't join, so let's make it simple etc.. I know Jaja wouldn't have minded but hey, of course we wanted something more for her, kan? We all get married only once you know :)

Lucky for us Jaja wanted to go and have a look at some shoes she saw, so we happily obliged. After all, we were supposed to kill time. I also found a very super sexy pair of heels but there was something wrong with it, so duit saya juga selamat Ja :). By that time, we were getting restless and hungry. I told them I wanted to go home.

When we got in the car, I said, "Hey, let's go to Delicious" And you know what Jaja said, "Korang ni predictable, dah agak dah!" Predictable??? No doubt that Delicious is our favourite hangout but this time, we had something else cooked up in our heads alright. I was even more determined to carry out our earlier plan to blindfold her. Sorry, ma. Pinjam scarf sekejap. Hehehe. So, I told Jaja that to get "there", she must be blindfolded. No questions. Just shut your eyes. Dia mengikut kata. Verrry goooood :)

We got lost. It was a case of Hanisa vs. Garmin. Garmin said straight, I said, let's go right, jum. So, we ended up going in circles. We were looking for a small, winding road going uphill. We almost gave the place away when we said small winding road so many times. But we were panicking! We couldn't help it.

At last! We reached "there". We were so happy to finally reach our destination. "The other side" told us that they were just about ready when we collected our tickets. So, we brought Jaja up the lift. The doorman got the hint that he was not supposed to say a word about where we were. Not even a "Welcome" message! I'm sooo glad that he played along. Heee.


Then, we looked for our booked table. By this time, it was a bit difficult not to disclose who was at "the other side" but we didn't care anymore. After a whole load of hush hush here and there... finally, we took off her blindfold turned her towards the splendid view at that time (KLCC) and said, "Surprise!" Ans she cried! Hahaha. Kitaorang dah jadi sebak pulak because she really didn't expect it! We were on the Revolving Restaurant!

So, who said we're predictable?

I hope you had fun dear! We love you, you know we do ;)


amira said...

why dya get to do all the fun stuff and im stuck here? =_=

cannot wait to cya :)
finally dpt persuade mama so that boleh balik ikut ktm. whee~

freespirited12 said...

coz i've been where you are before and so that warrants me to have more fun than you because you will eventually have fun as well?

haha. good luck with KTM. i'm sure you're going to have fun! :)