February 06, 2010

turquoise or not. here i come.

Yes, I have been on leave for 2 days now, which explains the bloglence (blog silence). Yeah, I know, funny how I only blog when I'm in the office and alot of people would call that "curi tulang". In my defence though, I submit all my work on time and stay back when required. All in all, I earn the pay I draw. So, shooh with all those accusations.

How's everyone been? I've been having the time of my life at home, you see. It's amazing what a few more hours of sleep can do to us. It's amazing how we can wake up at 9 a.m. and not feel instant panic but bliss. It's nice to know that you can bathe at whatever time you please and can wear whatever t-shirt, top or jeans that's been hidden at the back of your closet because you've been wearing work clothes and not much else.

And the best part is, I finally get to wear sunglasses because I'm finally out of the house when the sun is up, and come back when it's still up. How silly is that? Tapi betul, tak rasa ke membazir beli specs tapi tak boleh pakai sebab mana ada matahari silau pon masa pergi and balik kerja. Okay.... enough merapu.

I'm on leave for many reasons. One. I just need a break. Two. I need to go and get something turquoise. If I were at work, I would have absolutely no time for it. Next weekend I will be busy. Plus Adik will be home. She would love to go baju hunting with me, but I'd rather do something else with her. So, yes, turquoise hunting it is for me. Three. I love watching Channel 703 and 707. I get to sit all day long punching the remote control. Four. I love it when I am able to cook something decent for dinner for the parents. I have trouble with salt. Like all the time. Either too much or too little. But my dad has approved of my cooking 2 days in a row now, so, I'm very relieved. Aaaaaa :). Five. My leave is soooo banyak and I know that it will burn soon. So, I decided, take off while I can ey.

Well, did I find a decent turquoise baju? Well... let me ask you a question, ladies and gents. Do you even know what turquoise looks like? I think I do. Well, I thought I did. I Googled before leaving the house and safely locked the colour in my memory. I saw everything in turquoise. Everything apart from something in my size that is (trust me, I even saw pillow cases in that colour. shoes in that colour. bags in that colour. things i obviously don't need). Semua kecuali sepasang baju kurung dalam saiz saya.

Who said being small is nice? Cuba cakap mana ada jual banyak saiz XS, S atau 34 dan 36? I went to this shop and saw something on the mannequin which I fancied, and the smallest size was 42??? I look like I'm borrowing clothes in a 38. Imagine what kind of gunny sack I will look like in 42. Haish.

But determined not to come home empty-handed, I got something at one of these shops which sells ready-made apparel. The salesgirls were really helpful, but I gotta say, even they don't know what turquoise is. So, I defined my own turquoise and came back with...


Turquoise or not. Here I come. It's something different than what I usually wear, so I can't wait to get reviews of how I look when I wear it on the 21st. Constructive criticism highly appreciated.

Pasal apa orang lain kawin, kau yang excited Kak? Kawan baik kita. Ikut suka la. Ye tak?

Okay, I need to go to bed. I'm going off early tomorrow morning :). Will blog about it later (hopefully).


tasha said...

the colour looks nice on you :)and it's a nice baju kurung too

freespirited12 said...

thanks tasha! i like the colour though it's not exactly turquoise, right? hehe. and it's not really a baju kurung ;)

jaizah said...

lulus sirim!hehehe...cantik!

freespirited12 said...

yeayness! bestnya lulus :)