February 08, 2010

runaway bride.

We started descending Broga at 10 plus a.m. and we were trying really, really hard to get back home by at least 11 something. To no avail. The traffic everywhere just sucks big time. When we arrived home, my mom was about to cook something, so I thought since I've been out of the house from early morning, the only logical thing to do was to help her, so I did.

The next thing I know... it was already 1.15 p.m. and I hadn't bathed yet! And my hair badly needed a wash (nampak tak serabut serabai kat gambar bawah tu!). And I knew that that would take me 15 minutes, the very least. Haish! Panic, panic, panic because I promised Lynn that I would be there at around 2. Tsk. Tsk.

So, I bathed at supersonic speed and got in the car. Lucky I had a chauffeur, so I got the chance to dry my hair (using the aircond) while we both got lost looking for the Dewan Komuniti.

I was close to giving up actually, when it was apparent that we were lost. But suddenly, we saw the signboard with the pasangan pengantin's names on it and we were happy alright (lapar sangat hey!).

And I've got to say, for a wedding which was planned in 2 weeks, Pushie managed to make everything just splendid! The food was good, the dais was sweet and simple and everyone was happy. And being her, she was soooo relaxed, sampai tinggalkan husband di pelamin to be photographed alone. She sat with us while regaling stories of how she made everything happen in just 2 weeks. Salute tabik spring darab 100 okay!

We were the last Fighterzs to leave (I think). Congratulations Pushie and good luck in Canberra! May you live a happy and blissful married life!

p.s.: Lynn, I am not sure whether or not I replied your message because I was at The Curve that evening masa nak reply, tapi tak sure hantar or not? Will see you tomorrow okay! Tak sabarrrrr! :) ♥

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