February 23, 2010

fools like me.

There are many things that we, as individuals can do. For instance, my Boss' PA is a great seamstress. Seriously. Send your clothes to her for beading etc. and she will sit through her lunch, sewing and sewing non-stop. She's honest too because she won't take orders for kebaya etc., knowing that she won't be able to deliver results.

Some of us are great orators. Take Syaheed (schoold friend) and Danial (Varsity friend) for example. They can be standing on a rostrum or under an apple tree and they (still) convince people with their speeches. I'm almost always left amazed.

I can make cards and write funny articles and take good photos (when I'm in the mood) and play sports quite well. But to be involved as an actress or to plan a stage production is something which is totally and completely out of my forte. That part of my creativity is very rarely used, not just because I choose to not use it, but it's just something I hardly have flair in.

But whatever my argument may be, a job is a job and there are things out of the realm of our expertise (and control) which we just have to do, like it or not.

I'm still wondering why I was selected to head this competition/performance for the dinner. I execute plans, I don't PLAN the PLAN. Get it? I won't make noise at all if someone asked me to maintain the Advi Blog (which we already have) or to keep track of monthly newsletters because those things are close to my heart.

Stage productions are just not my cup of tea. Oh God, why me? Why do they pick fools like me? I'm really not up to this.


tasha said...

give it a shot, you might be surprised with the outcome :)

freespirited12 said...

heh. thanks dear! though m seriously doubting that the quality of the outcome will be something worth remembering. or maybe, like you said, i should TRY first. hehe

amira said...

para2 sakura~!