August 14, 2008


5-day long weekend!
starting... TONIGHT!
cuti approveddddd!!!


i so need this break. i really do. being here is not that bad (ehem, yeah right, for that one person who hears my daily rants about you-now-what) but just like everything else in life; too much of something is bad for you. people should learn that doing things in moderation is the key to a happy life. i know it sounds cliche and by the time i have files on my table, on my floor and in my cupboard, i'd be far from moderate, but i really do believe in it.

i know it's almost like a sin updating here in the office, but it's okay i guess.

and i know that my entry about MMU's convo does not do justice to the fun we all actually, really had that day. despite the hot weather, mata bengkak, jerawat sebiji besar and baju berkedut-kedut, like i said, meeting people and seeing how happy there were receiving scrolls was fun. (the waiting sucked though. but then again who likes waiting, anyways?)

i just can't wait for this day to end. approximately 8 hours to go. yes, i punch in at 7.30 a.m. and reach home at 7.30 p.m. 12 hours a day x 6 weeks. had enough. wanta sleep.

too bad this weekend mr. abduls cannot make it back to kl because of terrible workload that he loves. if not, i would have 4 days of uninterrupted hari berdating and a chauffeur to drive me around. (mama might even buy him a baju raya since that's part of our weekend agenda). see what you're missing mr. abduls? :P

okay, okay. back to looking for materials for research. i'm stalling. i'm elated, happy, excited.

weekend, weekend. i love you weekend.

readers, you make me happy to know i have readers. even if you all are super silent.


udeshah said...

saye dah x senyap dah..hehehe

freespirited12 said...

terima kasih ude, kerana telah meng un-silentkan diri.

kamu buat saya happy :)