August 10, 2008


Honestly, this week wasn’t a very good one for me. I was intoxicated by hate. Maybe I still am a little bit intoxicated by that very strong emotion.

Source of intoxication: liquor by the name of 48.

Reason: menial tasks which do not fit a legal officer’s job description.

Causing: a newly employed LO to feel extremely wasted and "menganggur" although she leaves home for work every day at 6.30 a.m.

and I may regret saying this one day, but after 12 subjects per semester in Uni, I hate idleness which leads to stupidity and slow development of brain. I might as well be home chilling my a** out or going to some place where I get huggles 24/7.

Yes, I’d like to take leave, jump on a plane and give hugs to make a living. Please and thank you.

But because of today, my bad week is slightly healed. I know it’s not much, but seeing friends and meeting new people are extremely rejuvenating. And seeing my extremely extra good looking boyfriend (today) in his suit and robe somehow makes me extremely proud and happy that he has come this far despite his shortcomings. I guess it’s also a great big reminder of how far we’ve come that’s overwhelming me so much.

So, yes. Today is a good end to a bad week.

spongebob paling menyerlah!

at the end of the day, anywhere i could park my bum was heaven on earth.

are you really, really sure they are already working graduates???

Tomorrow is another intoxicating day for me. (or maybe not). I’m hoping against hope.

And can someone please explain to me why do I have tears in my eyes 24/7? I need a long, long huggle. Please and thank you. Sometimes we just need to cry, no? Although there's really nothing to cry about? PMS is so getting to me this month. So toxic.

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