August 20, 2008


This year is a year of marriages of all sorts and not to mention the year of baby boom. Sumer bunting pelamin tak hengat dunia. Sorry, but this is not meant to offend; it’s just my 2 cents, obviously.

After my 5-week (i wish) day long weekend, going to work doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. This coming from the girl suffering from workaholicism? Please be worried now, thank you.

But things are better now. I’m learning how to do things the right way through the mistakes I made a month ago. It’s now 7 weeks into my life as a working woman and I have yet anything interesting to tell. And even if I have something to tell, I can’t tell anyways since I’m bound by OSA.


Actually, you can call this entry a spoof. It’s (obviously) got no motive.

Just wondering though; since today’s date is so cantek, did anyone get married today too? Reception weekend also can. Today is such a cantek date.

if anyone got married today, nah i give you present. so cantek oso. this is a good idea for favours kan. gosh takut, i'm talking about favours.

no. it. is. not. my. turn. soon.

regardless of how many times both ibu-ibu has asked.

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