August 26, 2008

mengira ayam.

from experience, i know better than to expect for things.
because sometimes, our expectations can blast our hopes into many tiny smithereens.
so better not hope for things to be good and just expect for the worst, right?

things like hoping Federer would win his gold for Olympics. like hoping Chong Wei would beat Lin Dan. you know. expectations as serious as that or the more trivial ones like hoping your weekend would turn out great can also do some damage if it turns out to be the exact opposite.

so, kalau weekend good aje pon dah seronok, ye tak?

so, when i got (so damn) excited (sampai berangan-angan) about this weekend, i knew better than to hope that it would turn out as i hoped. so, caution, caution, caution.

tadaaaaa! potential bad news comes and... well...
i guess i must just be content.

told you i'm afraid to be too happy.
jangan kira ayam sebelum dia menetas okay.

after all, life is a box of chocolates.
you don't know what you're gona get :)


told ya life's box of chocs. i certainly did not see that coming :).
oh, that has made my day, yeay yeay!

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