August 18, 2008

chat masala

Outings with the SmartyPants are always fun. Not to mention “informative” (read: full of God-awful gossip) and also “motivational” (read: penuh bebelan bagi yang memerlukan) and also “entertainment” (read: gelak hyena yang tak boleh dikalahkan). But even without the gossip and motivation, my SmartyPants are always the best even if we were sitting next to each other in silence. I guess it is true that you’ve found real friendship if you learn to enjoy and be comfortable in each other’s silence.

(ramai orang ingat saya dan Mami weird sebab kitorang tak bercakap with each other in the mornings. It’s always just the echo of our heels clinking in the wee hours of the mornings that’s heard. Very seldom voices.)

Well, anyways, since it was Adlin who booked us for the weekend, she had to decide where to eat. (yes, we still fight about who decides where to eat). And knowing how adventurous she can get, she brought us to a banana leaf shop “Chat Masala Restaurant” at Jalan Tun Sambathan.

I’m not a fan of banana leaf rice but that’s not because I like fast food better or other restaurants better. In fact, I love rice. But the fact that banana leaf shops serve like a gazillion grains of rice in one serving plus 3 different vegetables and side dishes, makes me feel like an incompetent eater.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to let them enjoy the afternoon without me. So, after coffee and “short” preliminary session at my place, Adlin drove us into KL.

We ordered Mutton Masala, Chilli Fish, Butter Chicken and also Chilli Cuttle Fish. And also mango lassi.

All of those dishes were absolutely scrumptious. I was too busy gobbling my food that I didn’t take any photos. Not only were they scrumptious, they looked yummy too. And the best part is that the only “Real” dishes were the vegetables. The rest were tofu based. We had an OMG! moment when Adlin told us of that fact.

Imagine CuttleFish made out of tofu but tasting very much (okay, actually it’s exactly) like CuttleFish?! I really can’t wrap my mind around it yet. It’s amazing the things people do nowadays. Even mutton is exactly like mutton (duh!) right down to its texture, etc. When you pop it into your mouth and chew, it’s really like the real thing.

If you already know this, just ignore my excitement. Like I told you, banana leaf meals really does make me feel like an incompetent eater.

All in all, we all had fun yesterday. Of course the outing didn’t stop at banana leaves and we obviously went looking around for desert. So, we went to Mark’s at OU and ate our deserts, eyes already drooping from the heat and of course the hearty meal we had that afternoon.

what's left of my banana leaf meal is my smelly fingers tainted with orange at the sides regardless of how many times i've washed or bathed or eaten something else.

ni kereta siapa? this is a trick question. if you don't get it the first time, we'll forgive you because even the 'car owner' was tricked into thinking that this was hers although it wasn't.

Next Sunday! Chocolate Lounge okay, girls!


Iezu said...

isn't that farah's? or is it nadilove's old kelisa? but i got a feeling mcm cik puan farah je...

ps: i like to eat too... =(

freespirited12 said...

told ya that this was a trick question. it's not farah's! it's almost hers. look again closely and you will see why.

definitely not nanad's. her's has got her birthdate on it.