August 08, 2008


I have like a gazillion updates right now. From last week, to last weekend and now, I've got new stories from this week. Thing is, I've been pretty bummed out this week that I haven't had the time to write anything without interruption in flow of thought.

The news is laden with so many interesting stories that I'll go crazy if I don't comment on them soon. But after having read NST this morning, I can see clearly now that they are getting to the bloggers for writing opinions.

Thus, it would be wise for me to not say so much, right?

I know this is a little bit belated, but Congratulations Cinot! You've done us proud by adding to the statistics of married people in the batch. People are starting to think there's something wrong with Fightersz since those from other batches are bearing babies, while we're still happy in singlehood bliss.

And Mamita my dearest friend, Happy belated birthday! I know the celebration wasn't much but I'm sure we all had a great evening together! Semoga panjang umur selalu!

Updates on work. pffttt... I don't dare say a word, actually. But. But. But. NAH. Won't tell. I'm biting my toungue; just for the moment.

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