August 15, 2008

teenage drama queen(s)

The sister is back for a week-long holiday. And as usual, she brings her stories and grievances home to the “joy” of our ears. Honestly, sometimes I can’t be bothered. Simply because I had to go through the same things too. Going to the canteen, class, dorm (for seniors) were basically my part time jobs apart from studying and being one Mighty K. And the best part is, I never bothered to bother my mom of these tales. For me, it was simply too petty, too trivial to bother about. Boy, I did cry alot back then, but they just never knew why.

I’m sure some of my friends have sisters there too. I’m sure they regale you lot with tales of how this and that senior had asked them to walk to the canteen. That this senior called them to be “lectured”. It gets pretty irritating sometimes, doesn’t it? I went through all of that too and I didn’t think that they were too bad at the end of the day.

Well, guess what peeps? Times have changed, oh, yes, they have.

During our time, seniors were practically ruling the school because they were given the authority to do so. As in the right was legally handed to them by some of our beloved teachers back then like Ms. Vicky and the likes. Isn’t it a wonder why the teachers didn’t mind too much back then too?

To me, most of us just kept mum about it because the seniors back then weren’t that bad as compared to the ones they have now in college. Yes, they may have bossed us around, they may have scolded, shouted and “lectured” us. They may have said things that we didn’t want to hear. They may have demanded the “salam” even if we didn’t give it full heartedly. But somehow, despite all that, deep down under, they were still very much human.

All in all, that human touch never left them. As far as I remember, the senior cadets were super fierce, yet, they never called us names. They never threw their things at us or ask us to do ridiculous things like go around college collecting sanitary pads or spraying deodorant in our faces. Never.

Nowadays, the girls are pretty rowdy and rude, I must say. They hardly give “salam” to visitors, especially when I’m walking with my sister around college. For them, since my sister is a junior, there’s no need to respect her visitor too. They practice name-calling. They call juniors “tak guna” when these juniors have been the ones who climb the same stairs everyday (in fear) tending to their needs. They don’t allow juniors to pass by their dorms and because of that, these kids have to take a longer route just so they could get down from the Block.

And it doesn’t stop at name-calling, mind you. These seniors now have housekeepers and maids. Gosok baju? Like please, can’t they get off their bums and do it themselves? It’s not even difficult to do. Kain sekolah tu, kalau dah malas sangat, gosok setengah je. Kat part bontot tu abaikan. Sorok bawah baju kurung. I did it all the time. No need no junior for that. And for those who don’t know, nowadays, they are separated into dorms according to their batches. You think the problems stopped? Nah.

Even though these juniors don’t live in their dorms, don’t eat maggi, don’t sleep on their beds and don’t make the pigsty the seniors make out of the seniors’ dorms, they call their juniors to clean up their dorms. Like how much more of a lazybum can you be?

Canteen taknak pergi sendiri, buku kat kelas orang lain ambikkan, tea orang lain ambikkan, air orang lain amikkan kat watercooler, baju orang lain gosokkan (dengan tudung sekali ye) and now, bed sendiri and dorm sendiri pon orang lain nak kemaskan?

Ouh, ouh, how can I forget this one; juniors are not allowed to jog around college anymore. Apparently, it’s a privilege that belongs to the seniors only like WTH?? (tapi semua pon gemok jugak aku tengok)

All I can say is that this is the reason why the juniors’ parents are making noise. Not only are the parents more liberated nowadays, they are also fiercer. And the seniors? I’d say that they aren’t at all worth respecting. Because the majority of those who ask other people to do things for them are the nobodies; the non-band member, the non-prefect, the non-game player, the non nothing. Itu baru betul tak guna, ye tak?

Yang ada guna tak kacau hidup orang pon?

They are just downright mean nowadays. And utterly disrespectful even more so when you’re just the sister of a junior. And I seriously don’t blame The Sister for her endless lament. It is something to shout out about.

You have a (senior) sister there? Tell them to buck up will ya?

BAND doesn’t make your heart skip with the beats no more. CADETS are no longer actively marching around college with pride. Apparently Ms. Sergeant is not sure of the commands? (Dekda and K.Wanie and LinGhani, you people are the best!) And the rest are resting, also exercising their mouth muscles and gums, munching on food (taken by other people), and also lecturing skills, mungkin ramai nak jadi academician? And oh, oh, I forgot, perhaps they’re planning on enrolling into the course called “name calling”?

What is happening to the school we all love?


Izza said...

I share your sentiments completely! So sedih... and disappointed. If only they make the best out of their time there kn?

Kak, marila kite coffee one day! I haven't seen you since your London visit!

ude said...

kakak..sedihnyer..apelaa bebudak college now..yup..susah nak dgr drg bg salam to visitors now a days..kan?btw, yg buat ude sedih gell, BAND-ERS DAH X MARCHING dah!!rugi laa drg..rugi xtgk formation dr block E dgn sportlight yg cantik..huhu..and cadets pon..mari kite semua jd cikgu kat college la..hheheh

freespirited12 said...

that's why la girls! college is in such a sorry state right now that i feel like crying. it doesn't have that magic it once had.
they are just downright mean and rude, i tell you.and they have the cheek to boss the juniors around, telling them that the juniors are rude(?!)
mungkin mereka lupa kepimpinan melalui teladan?

izza: i've been wanting to call you up but seriously i have been oversleeping on weekends to compensate early mornings and late evenings at work. but we MUST somehow meet up jugak.

ude: yang part marching tu mmg sedih. you should have come during sports day and mmg kau akan nanges. diorg gelak dalam line, okay? plus masa tu Adek (Aisyah) ikut aku, dia call Kak Ibik and cakap band tgh main. Kak Ibik boleh cakap, "band? tak dengar kebenda pon?" that's how bad they are. and if orches power takpe jugak. ni sumer hancur. mari kita balik college and show them how mighty the Kataks really are!

how to send our children there now?

ieja said...

Kakak I went to college that day and true, they didn't even bother to greet the visitors! Apa rude gila.

Okay like seriously I was one of those who'd gave you a hard time last time. Hehe. But heck, at least I still know some humanities. (kot)

Band dah memang HAMPEH gila tahap *toot*. So even if they cried during the orchestra sebab main teruk (siapa suruh kau tak practice betul2?) even if they cried again when the results were out and we lost, obviously duh (siapa suruh kau tak bereffort sungguh2?)

We went to band room last time. Noreen Pushie Dill and I. Not to brag, but at least we could still blow, still remember the notes, still can even play some of the songs! After 6 freaking years tak pegang those instruments.

But when I called up one junior mula2 sebab tanak lah kacau they practice kan, I asked the girl, boleh try main Do re mi fa so tu tak? And she didn't even know where to start.

And cadets pon, dulu you guys were so tough, like TABIK SPRING LAAAA. But now?
No comments.

But this is happening anyways.

Yg seniors tu pon, baget ape tak boleh juniors lalu depan rumah la sume? Kalau diorg bagus takpe, ini lagu rumah sendiri utk cheer pon tak tahu.
Emo =(

ude said...

huhu..ieja..betol tuh!dlu kalo tgk cadets tgh marchng"waaa"..n bbdak lain biler tgk band wat formation cm.."waaa" jugek!tolong laaa!!!!betol tuh..cmner nak hanta anak2 kite di sane?hehehe

balachi humpty dumpty said...

what you talked about is all about SDAR the old day.

but now it has changed to the old TKC style.

like KARMA kan?

If we are married and have kids, i am vetoing against sending my kids to any boarding school.

what your sis experienced is the same like mine. :)