July 10, 2009

tsk tsk.

Menggigil kesejukan.

Although there is no aircond directly in my room, I am still cold. This place is the ultimate lemari ais, yes.

Actually, I am writing this to just pass time because I am nervous. I have passed motion many times, yet still drinking Neslo like nobody’s business. I think I might have a sore throat and my senior officer just told me that:

“I termimpi-mimpi book review you”.

Ohmaijohn, not helping at all, okay?

I just washed my hair last night, so, it’s a bit static. But then, as much as it’s a bad hair day, it doesn’t look all that bad either. I hope the day will turn out to be like that.

Today should be a good day, it’s Friday, it’s Mama’s birthday, and nothing should spoil it really.

I have finished writing the outline, etc. and now I have to practice.

Masa nak jadi MC dulu pon tak takut macam ni. In fact, mooting pon tak takut macam ni although mooting siap ada judge bagai.

Apa ni apa ni.
Menggigil sampai ke tulang.

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