July 31, 2009


At the rate my non-update is going, I have to anticipate my Australian brother calling me up to check on me. This is so unlikely of me, I know. I normally update, no matter how silly the update is.

Truth is, I have been feeling rather tired and uninspired. Sometimes I think I know the reason, but mostly, I don’t. Mostly, I am still very much in the dark about why this darkness is cloaking me. My guess is that all I need is a good break, that’s all.

And of course, since my holiday is now my ransom (to my own consent), I have to sit still and get my work done, pronto. Thing is, I miss blogging. Yet, I did not (in these past few days) find it necessary to use it as a medium to “let go”. I do not know why.

Anyway, today is my last day of puasa qada’. I have been meaning to do so since last week, but… my tummy keeps telling me it needs food. The last day is always the hardest. And to top that up, today is a Friday with a long break. I am determined to do this, so I have listed the things I need to buy so that my lunch hour will not be spent thinking of yummy food. It’s a bit difficult to do if my stomach is so obviously grumbling, crying and purring all at once. Like it is now.

I have something else to write about, but will do so later.

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