July 26, 2009

home suwit home :)

Yeay! Finally after 4 days of free food and accommodation, I am home! Home sweet home! Honestly, after so long, I never thought that it was possible to become so homesick T_T! But I have to say special thanks to the organisers for always making sure that we were never short of food and that little yours truly got the queen size hotel bed all to herself! Heaven!

Against my better judgment, I did not bring my camera and laptop. That was what I thought initially anyways. Because on Thursday, when I arrived (and quite early) I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Being the most junior and everything, I did not have any friends there and did not know anyone well enough. But I guess it was a blessing that I left my gadgets because I got my much needed sleep and rest. Saya dah put on weight di bahagian buntot, kaki dan pipi! Yikes!

Apart from the splendid organisation of the event, the module of the course itself was great. Though I must say that I had a tough time catching up with the one-semester worth syllabus, which was crammed into 4 days, I managed to learn new things, which are totally and completely alien to me. I am truly satisfied with the new things I have learnt and am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to “go back to school” like this.

And of course, I got to meet new people who were extremely accommodating and helpful, it being obvious that I was extremely junior, wide-eyed and dopey and everything. I met very knowledgeable people who were willing to explain things, and who did not make fun of others who do not know what they knew.

I simply cannot wait for the next module, where we will be learning on patents :)
As for now, I can only sigh and suck it all in, because I have so many things to settle once I go back to the office tomorrow.

Gottogo! I have some unpacking to do and will smile while the night is still here :)

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