July 01, 2009

number forty five.

The only person from Chambers who I know is reading this site is Ayu. That is of course, excluding Nanad and Jaja. So, I think it’s okay if I fill you people in with the fact that my office has just moved to a new building and today is our third day at this new place.

Having gotten a new room to myself, I find that I have more time to think and do things on my own… and more time for myself. Being quite a loner by nature, I don’t really mind this solitude. Though it does get a little bit quiet at times, it’s not something which bothers me entirely. But I do still appreciate my lunch companions, yes sirree!

Plus, the walls here have ears and so… I can basically hear what the Toms, Dicks, Harries and Sallies from next door are doing. Especially BB of course, since he cannot help speaking so loudly… *sigh*

Well, anyways, I wanted to show you what a beautiful building we have moved into. The hallways are huge and spacious and our voices echo each time we speak. Of course, with so much space and so little people on one floor, it gets a little cold at times due to less people producing heat. Haha.

And the windows! The windows are made out of huge glass panes which face practically all corners of Putrajaya. Come, I show you what Theodore managed to capture this morning before my boss came into the office :)

You see, Ryan’s room is facing the construction site, so that’s nothing much to shout out about.

But then, he’s got the best of both worlds since he’s got this view as well.

But the best view has got to be mine.
Tada! Presenting you my window.

Eh, mana window? Nampak tak? Tak nampak? Dah dekat la tu nampaknya.

Eish, pelik, where is my window?I’m starting not to see it. That’s because I don’t have a window, dimwit! Ahhahahaha.

But that’s okay, I’m cool with it (for now). Nanti saya dah senior I can make demands. Now, small fish close your mouth!

By the way, today marks the first year anniversary since I started working. How fast time flies, huh?

Back to work now. Loads of research waiting, I better go :)


mamita said...

kakak, best nyer ko dah dpt bilik sorang2 ni...rasa ketenangan doh.

freespirited12 said...

memang agak tenang la.
at first it needed a little bit of adjusting since dah duduk dekat cubicle lama.
but now, i'm okay with it :)

best best ada room sendiri :)