July 03, 2009

noted improprieties.

I like being a Kakak. I really do. People run to me for all kinds of things and it becomes a flattery of some sort. But even big sisters need a break.

Although I empathise with people most of the time, it doesn’t mean it’s an unconditional situation. I can be selfish too because hey, I’m human. I need a break. I am not 999, not 911 and definitely not a customer call centre. Point is I don’t know all the answers to life. Sometimes, life doesn’t have any answers and you can’t keep on wanting them.

Not even from me. Especially not from me.

I need my sleep, my rest, my own time. I leave home for work at 6.30 a.m. on a daily basis and come back home 12 hours later (if I’m lucky). There are shitloads of things to handle in the office so I seldom entertain calls during those hours. Even when I do entertain them, the conversations are strained. The walls have ears and bosses walk by ever so constantly that I can’t be seen on the phone all the time. This is pure logic; it doesn’t need to be told.

When I get back home, I need time to talk to my parents. The reason why my boyfriend and bestfriends and I get along so well is because we already understand our timetables. Because we know that some time must be reserved for prayers, family, bathing and alone time. Alone time is important. Without it, we all suffocate.

When we are in our own shoes, we always think that our problems are the biggest problems and no one else’s can match ours. How very wrong and selfish of us to think that way. That has “wrong” scribbled all over it.

What we forget is that sometimes, people have gone through a particular stage in life and some problems becomes so tedious; they are not worth even pondering on. Because so many other things in life matter more, that some small things cannot be blown out of proportion. Else, we’d all be crazy by now.

In life, we all must move on. Progression, not regression. Some small things are important, but there is a bigger thing to life than ourselves. Definitely, believe me.

I know people say that our intelligence comes with experience and I believe it.

But wisdom does not come with age because age is just a number. No matter how old someone gets, one will never have wisdom if they cannot condition their minds discern and prioritise their thoughts before they actually say or do anything.

Take heed.

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