July 20, 2009


On countless occasions, I have thought of deleting any form of social network account that I own. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I think they are a bunch of nuisances which I don’t want to deal with anymore.

I used to own a wonderful memory which could remember face, name, birth dates and important events without any help from notifications, etc. from any social network. But of course, having been dependant on it for so long, my mind has been conditioned to become lazy because I know I will always have someone/something to remind me.

Lately, the nuisances it presents have gotten beyond my level of high tolerance.

People tag other people just for fun; people leave unprecedented, unnecessary comments on unnecessary pictures and profiles. And mostly, people disregard other people’s status and personal lives.

Call me unsporting and old, but hey, these things sometimes make me want to pull my hair out of their sockets because they are… intolerable much?

Okay, maybe not all things are bad. I really like to be updated on what my friends are doing and the places they go to since I’m not the type to keep much in touch with people I haven’t met in eons.

But as most of you probably know, I have a magnet for a boyfriend; a chick magnet. Sometimes, I think he brings the attention onto himself, but mostly, people just like him. I get bored thinking that this problem has yet resolved itself with time. I’ve written this before. I’m sure I have.

The word “in a relationship with Haneesa Hssh” is so… futile? Because every girl on his friends list disregards it anyways, right?

No, I am not angry. Sometimes, I think more than anything, I am highly amused; amused that some people don’t seem to think that there is more than meets the eye. Some people think that the good looks are all I am into. Good grief, if only you knew how much we have grown and have had to go through in the span of 4 years, you’d flee. I bet you would have just left.

Because a lot of people have very superficial ideas about what relationships are supposed to be.

My relationship is not something I take lightly. It is not something I do just to past my time. Loving is something I do with all my heart because I can. It is something I feel because I want to. It is something I work on while I know it can still be fixed.

And I think my boyfriend has managed to prove that although social networks have somewhat invaded our relationship to a certain extent, what we do in private (e.g smsing, yming, emailing and lovely silly outings) is far better than what other people try so hard to portray online.

It sucks sometimes having some hot hair flipping girl openly flirting with your boyfriend online. But hey, I’ll tell you what; I don’t look all that bad either. And I do think there is more than meets the eye.I just have to convince myself again and again, that's all.

Thank God for trust.

And for the record, I have thought better of it. I think I will keep my online social networks for now.


chibi said...

was just talking abt this with mamita the other day when girls left comments on ur encik's page, they are so damn insensitive man... i guess these ppl didn't know that there's a line between normal talking and flirting!

but since he is trustworthy, there's no need to worry! takde la cerita hindustan.. hahaha (see after hearing my story he tak marah u tgk his hp =p) hahahaha

freespirited12 said...

ahahahahah. cerita hindustan... ahahaha.

itu la. i'm not really mad at him. just at other people generally. mungkin diorang lupa kots dia ada gf.

takper la. issue resolved dah pon. decided to post this at a later date.

takut if i wrote it in anger, it would come off as if i'm a possessive bitch.

sekarang hati tak panas bole tulis :)