July 27, 2009


My initial reaction was to explode. Like please? What the fungus is this?? Not only are my friends (like most if not all of them) away for a course for the WHOLE week! (perfect timing la sangat NI) when I’m here alone in the office, now GOOGLE is causing me problems. Pfft. I really almost did explode. I thought Keng Soon had somehow hacked my computer or something.

Because he’s always googling in Chinese/ Taiwan or whatever language it is he uses, that’s why I thought he had set the default language of my computer to that as well. Apparently, they are promoting Google Taiwan. So, I have translated it to my preferred language. Tsk. Tak baik buruk sangka sebenarnya :D

What a way to start my Monday, huh? Yes, indeed. Friends away on a course, work piling because I really wantneed to get away for this year end trip. And I actually don’t have much to tell yet. Haha. After all, it’s only 8.19 a.m.

By the way, did your Google appear like mine too?

Oh, I went to visit baby NurAzalea yesterday evening with Fai. She has so much hair! That was like the first thing I noticed about her. I did not take any pictures though because we were talking with the proud mummy until the baby cried for her milk. One pretty name for one pretty baby. Sangat pretty :)

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