July 13, 2009

the last time was?

It’s been such a long time since…

… the last time I went out for a date. I mean, although Abdul has been coming down to KL more often in the past few weeks, I think we can count with just one hand (or a few fingers) of how many things we’ve done together. Normally, we’re either chilling out at home, or… preparing for an interview or doing something work related, or the likes of it.

So, you can imagine how euphoric I was this entire weekend, to have him ALL to myself doing all kinds of silly stuff together (sampaikan Keng Soon lambai dekat escalator Times Sq. pon tak perasan?) Haish.

Well, anyways, after breakfast with his friends at KJ and after sending him to Subang to get a bath (sangat jauh nak mandi saya tahu), we went to Selayang to check out his Lollipop, who is going to get a new coat of paint. Lucky I wasn’t hesitant about making that trip to see the car, etc. because I managed to persuade him to change the initial colour he had already decided on. Terima kasih Abdul kerana mendengar “suggestion” saya. Ngeeeee ;p

Then from there, we headed to Times Sq. to have lunch with AmedSya and Mamin. Had Wendy’s for the first time ever and I thought that it was okay. Ordered the ¼ pound and finished it like lightning (as if that’s anything new) and I loved the strawberry milkshake though Abdul happens to think that nothing can beat McD’s milkshake. I still think the one we ordered was superb.

Since we both hate crowded places and pening-pening crowded shops, we decided to go back into more familiar territory – to The Curve.

After all, I have wanted to do something with my hair since Monday. But since Abdul told me to wait for him to come, I thought I’d hold it this time 'til he arrived. Dia tak pernah teman saya buat rambut ke apa ke, jadi nak merasa lah agaknya.

And so, he dapat merasa and waited for 2 WHOLE HOURS, while I happily sat there with people treating my itchy head. (I will blog about this in a separate post). I kesian Abdul a bit, but hey, no pain no gain, I guess? Hahaha. I’m sure since he’s a patient (enough) man, he doesn’t quite mind. Haha. Kan? Kan? Kan? Ngeeeee ;p

Then, I treated him to Coffee Bean Caramel (with the Coffee Bean card he gave me, jadi saya tak paham concept belanja saya ;p) while we sat in front of Marche’s band at The Street, listening to the songs they performed that night. I didn’t buy all the things in my current wishlist that night, but I got myself the coolest pair of shades (in my opinion by the way), which is a bit like so not me, but I need to revamp a lot of things about myself and this is kind of like a good start actually.

We headed back home soon after that and waited until AmedSya came to pick him up to lepak-lepak at Subang. Obviously I didn’t join them because I don’t sleep that late at night even if my parents are not around to pester me to come back home early.

That was my Saturday! Nak lagi macam ni please?

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