July 03, 2009

post pregnancy figures.

This is something I heard in the morning; in fact this was one of the earliest things I heard this morning: a man complaining that a woman’s anatomy expands post pregnancy. Though half the day has already passed, each time I think of it, I feel steam building in me, so much so I could just explode. That jackass, the cheek!

He was complaining of how big women get after they give birth and how dissatisfied he was that women didn’t get smaller; put it simply, back to their normal size, like the time they first married, etc.

Some women called in to respond and said that all they needed was encouragement from their husbands. That if the husband wanted them to slim down and tone up, they must do it the right way and that they must help in any way they can. Like dieting together or sending them for slimming programmes.

But that guy just didn’t get it. It was like he was adamant that a woman should slim down after giving birth. In fact, when a doctor was called in to explain about selsema babi, he had the cheek to ask whether or not it was true women couldn’t lose weight easily after giving birth. When the doctor confirmed this, he said:

“Ha, iyelah. Kasi perempuan-perempuan semua puas hati la ada orang pandai dah cakap memang susah nak turun berat.”

I was *this* close to calling him to say:

“Cuba ambil tali ukur, ukur pinggang awak tu berapa. Berapa pinggan nasi awak makan sehari? Berapa banyak kerja rumah awak buat? Reti ke pon? Awak sama kurus ke macam zaman dulu-dulu jugak? Ada wife awak complain?”

At least your wife gave birth to your 2 children. Even if she has gained weight, it’s warranted.

Unlike you. Entah-entah hisap pot (memang iye pon rumours begitu. yang sibuk sangat 360 apasal entah), tu yang potbelly. Balasan Tuhan.

God forbid, I hope my future husband won’t be like that obnoxious, sexist, chauvinist man. It’s not easy to lose weight after pregnancy; it’s called progesterone, so I was told.

If you don’t want your wife to get all fat, you deliver the baby. Better still, don’t make babies in the first place. Pandai buat, pandai tanggung.

Jangan pandai complain saja.

Either that, or get her a freaking treadmill. And a maid so that she can concentrate on getting her figure back.

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