July 17, 2009

my TKC girl.

Babah told us (me and mama) a story about a guy married to a TKC girl. According to that guy (his friend), his TKC girl is really smart, but a little bit berlagak because she knows a lot of things…

So, when that guy asked for some help regarding something supposedly very simple… that TKC girl was a little bit jual mahal and told him that she was busy and that the thing he was asking help for was so easy their daughter could do it, etc.

Babah just kept quiet. So the other guy kept on saying that his TKC girl was this and that and whatnot. Only when the other guy was done did Babah say:

“Well, sorry to hear that. Because my TKC girl will do it for me when I ask for her help. Bukan setakat tolong je”

I think that was really, really sweet, coming from him especially. But it is true.

And imagine; my dad has three TKC girls in the house. So, if it’s not the big maam doing it for him, he has 2 others willing to help. Don’t you think he is one lucky man? Hehe.

On the other hand, this TKC girl is one happy girl today. Because sometimes, she realises that she need not say so much, yet… yet she is blessed with people around her who surprise her at the most unexpected times, just because.

So, do you feel lucky to have a TKC girl?
( this question is so obviously directed towards a certain someone ;p )

I feel lucky to be one :)


abang said...

chey2 tkc girl dah kembang kuncup dah ni. hehe. will i be the first to break the tradition. =p

freespirited12 said...

hahaha mesti la kembang kuncup.

mungkin jugak kamu first to break the tradition :)