July 07, 2009

kisah benar saya.

Kisah tak sedar diri saya for today is that… I have files strewn on my table to be submitted by the end of today, which is I’m not so sure when (tetapi saya di sini menulis belog ini). Plus, I have been nominated to do something which doesn’t really bother me apart from the BORING subject matter, which pisses the hell out of me.

And I have terrible period pain.

There is such a thing as tug of war going on in women’s tummies, please bear with us, it hurts!

My hair is falling off and my skin is problematic.

Please tell me I’m special even though I’m not.

Off for now. I don’t want end of today to be 11.59 p.m.

p.s: saya rasa blog saya kemas :)

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